• Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments
• Remediation System Design/Implementation/Construction Oversight
• Third Party Oversight
• Groundwater Investigation Planning and Management
• RCRA Groundwater Monitoring Program Development and Management
• Groundwater Quality Assessment Plan Development, Negotiation, Management
• Monitoring Wells and Well Network Design
• Monitoring Practices Audits
• Collection Well System Design and Management
• Aquifer Property Analysis
• Aquifer Testing Design and Analysis
• Hydrogeological Site Evaluation
• Geological Interpretation
• Contaminant Pathway Investigation
• Contamination Assessment
• Contamination Mitigation Planning and Management
• RCRA Groundwater Reporting Technical Assistance
• Groundwater Modeling
• Underground Storage Tank Assessments/Closures
• Voluntary Remediation Program Assessment/Investigation/Remediation
• Brownfields Assessments and Remediation

Services Available Via Associate Consultants

Hydrogeological Services

• Environmental Management System Development and Implementation
• Risk Management Program Development and Implementation
• Facility Audits For Regulatory Compliance
• Compliance Plans and Guidelines
• Impact Analyses for New Regulatory and Legislative Initiatives
• Assistance with Implementation of Compliance Plans
• Environmental Monitoring Plans and Specifications
• On-site Regulatory Agency Inspection Assistance

Service List

• Availability Research (federal, state, local)
• Strategic Planning
• Writing / Preparation
• Submittal
• Liaison / Management

• Risk Assessment Evaluation
• Community Planning and Relations
• Industrial Hygiene Evaluation
• Asbestos Assessment/Abatement
• Lead-based Paint Assessment/Abatement
• Air Monitoring/Permitting

Environmental Compliance and Planning

• Enforcement Action Negotiations
• Consent Decrees and Consent Orders
• Litigation Preparations and Expert Testimony
• CERCLA PRP Technical Assistance
• Technical Assistance to Client Legal Counsel
• State Voluntary Remediation Program Applications/Negotiations/Implementations
• Brownfield Program Management and Applications

Environmental Permitting

• NPDES Permits
   -       Permit Applications
   -       Discharge Sampling
• RCRA Part B Permits
• RCRA Facility Assessments
• RCRA Facility Investigations
• RCRA Corrective Actions Planning /   Implementation
• Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plans
• Hazardous Waste Annual Reports
• Disposal Facility Audits
• Solid and Hazardous Waste Characterization / Permitting

Environmental Incorporated offers a wide range of professional services consistent with our experience, qualifications and capabilities including the following major areas:

Grant Services

consultants solving your environmental issues quickly and effectively.

Technical Assistance in Regulatory and Legal Issues